What is a QR Code?

A QR code (or Quick Response code) is just a digital representation of some information that is easy for a smartphone to read.

For Donation Point Go, we take your campaign URL (something like https://dpgo.io/<your-campaign>) and convert it into a QR code to make it easy for your donors to find your campaign page without needing to type it into their web browser. Of course your donors can still type the URL directly, or you can link to the campaign directly using the URL from an email, your social media page, or your website.

Note: a URL refers to a web link, it means "Uniform Resource Locator".

For example, the following QR code is for our demo Helping Hand campaign:

The "Powered by Donation Point Go" text and logo should always be provided un-altered on all copies of your QR code.

You may wish to use the version of your QR code either with or without your logo in the centre. Removing your logo may make the QR code easier to scan, especially at longer distance.

Depending on the type of advertising you may wish to include some additional help information alongside your QR code. The best strategies and options for this are provided below.

Where to use your QR code

Helping your donors use QR codes

When presenting your QR code, you may wish to provide additional information to assist them with scanning the QR code.  Here are some suggestions for how you might assist your donors depending on the environment:

How to Donate

You can provide instructions alongside the QR code that makes it easy for new donors to understand how to scan your QR code. These instructions could be printed next to the QR code directly, or read out by a presenter in the case of TV and streaming based advertising.

  1. Scan the QR code with your phone camera or use the scanner at dpgo.io
  2. Tap on the link that appears
  3. Make your donation

The QR code pack that you receive for your campaign will include a complete example of this ready to go.

Your Campaign URL

You can provide a direct link to your campaign. You should always do this in web advertising (by using a hyperlink), but this can also be helpful if your QR code may be difficult to scan.

Your campaign URL is https://dpgo.io/<your-campaign> however you may wish to shorten it to dpgo.io/<your-campaign> to make it easier for a donor to type it into their phone.

When using your campaign URL in a hyperlink, always ensure you use the full https:// version as otherwise your hyperlink will not work.

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