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Provide your donors with a simple and engaging way to donate with Donation Point Go

Designed to make accepting donations quicker and easier than ever before, Donation Point Go utilises QR code technology to give your donors direct access to your online donation campaign.

The unique QR code can be implemented into your campaign and utilised in a range of scenarios including mail-outs, posters, tickets, newspapers, magazines, billboards and so much more. When donors see your campaign, they can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone to be redirected to a campaign webpage customised specifically for your campaign. Now your donor is just one tap away from making a payment toward your campaign using a credit card or e-wallet already setup on their phone. No special apps required and works with all modern smartphones!

Converting readers into actual fund giving donors, just got easier.  Do more, reach more with Donation Point Go.

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Demo on either your Desktop PC or Smartphone

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If you are browsing this site on a Smartphone or desktop browser, simply tap or click the button below to start the interactive demo. Note: the demo will NOT take any funds, so feel free to click away.

Alternatively, to closely mimic the real world user experience, grab another smartphone and use its camera app to scan the QR code here. This will launch the interactive demo in that phone's browser. The QR code shown here is just like the QR code sticker you'd place out in the community for your donor's to scan, thus linking them to your online campaign. Note: the demo will NOT take any funds, so feel free to click away.

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How to get started...

  1. Discuss your campaign goals with Quest
  2. Quest will set you up with a unique QR code for you to integrate in your online or print media
  3. Quest will setup and host a mobile friendly webpage for your campaign
  4. Go live. Release your campaign into the community and watch the community support your cause.

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 Benefits for your Charity

 Benefits for your Donors

• Increase probability of donors giving funds

• Accept donations of any size

• Secure processing of transactions

• Minimal ongoing involvement required

• Collect donor data for future use

• Can be utilised in both unattended and face to face fundraising scenarios

• Allows donors to donate wherever and whenever

• Monitor campaign health on cloudeftpos portal

• Secure online payments using their existing saved credit card or preferred e-wallet. Your online campaign page will automatically scan a donors phone for existing payment methods (eg. ApplePay, Google Pay).

• Minimal data entry required to increase likelyhood of conversion

• Automatic email receipt which donor can retain for Tax purposes

• Ability to join mailing lists

• Donors can use existing e-wallets or can enter a credit card number manually

Monitoring the success of your fundraising campaign is now even easier with Cloud EFTPOS. Accessible through any browser, Cloud EFTPOS provides up to the minute transaction reporting on donations received.


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